Ord Radama

Astrogation Data: Ord Radama System, Esstran Sector, Radama Void, Outer Rim Territories
Orbital Metrics: 360 days per year/ 25 hours per day
Government: Imperial governor
Population: 1.5 billion (62% human, 28% Devlikk, 10% other)
Languages: Basic, Devlikk
Terrain: urban and wetlands
Major Cities: Livien Magnus (capital), New Raido (former capital)
Areas of Interest: Livien Magnus, the Noral Sea, Temple of Magnus
Major Exports: mineral deposits, wines
Major Imports: information, technology
Trade Routes: none
Special Conditions: none

Background: Ord Radama has known a number of masters, belonging to the Sith Empire, the Republic, the Separatists, and now the Galactic Empire. Over the millennia, the planet transformed from a world of marshes and wetlands into a major urban center and transport hub for the Outer Rim. In recent years, the Empire has consolidated its hold and created a strong military presence throughout Livien Magnus and New Raido. The Imperial governor rules the planet harshly, forcing the native Devlikk species into servitude and, in many instances, outright slavery. The rest of the population lives in a constant state of fear, going through their day-to-day lives quietly, rather than risk the wrath of the Empire. Thousands of years ago, species from across the galaxy began frequenting Ord Radama, as the proximity to the greater Sith worlds served as a stopover when traveling through the region. Unlike the Devlikk, who designed cities to thrive alongside the natural world, the immigrants’ cities shrank the size of the world’s wetlands and marshes. Livien Magnus and New Raido began to rival cities across the galaxy as modernization took over the planet. After the harrower Disaster destroyed Livien Magnus during the Great Galactic War, the Sith Empire rebuilt the city larger than ever, expanding nearly four times past its original boundaries.

Today very few areas of wetlands remain on Ord Radama. The Devlikk maintain these dwindling resources as best they can, but the Imperial presence on Ord Radama makes that difficult due to the staunch nonhuman policies enforced by the Empire. The Devlikk harbor a deep hatred of the Empire and try to subvert their operations when they can, but they know they cannot afford any outright confrontation with the Empire. Many of their species form the backbone of the resistance movement on the planet, which has begun making contact with the Rebel Alliance proper.

Of particular note on the planet is The Mala Opera House which was a feature of Livien Magnus for centuries, spotlighting the best talent from across the galaxy, and selling out the venue for weeks at a time. When the Empire took control of the world, the planetary governor renamed it the Imperial Opera House and allowed only Imperial-sanctioned productions. This has meant a marked reduction in nonhuman performances on Ord Radama, something that has greatly disheartened the local patrons of the arts. However, most know that speaking out on such matters only brings unnecessary scrutiny upon them,
and they wisely keep their opinions to themselves.

Beneath the Imperial Opera House lies more than just set pieces and costume changes. A bustling command center for the Imperial Intelligence Service lies deep beneath the building. This high security facility uses the overhead opera house to hide its location and also to monitor various high profile individuals, as visitors from all over the galaxy frequent the opera house when on Ord Radama. The Local rebel cell has known about the the Opera House’s secret for some time, but as yet have been unable to infiltrate the facility.

Ord Radama

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