The Onderon Cell

The Convoy

With everyone free of the explosion in the tunnel system, and Chalkkatta waiting patiently in the escape car with the slurpies he was sent to get, everyone except Sola sees the light of day. The group returns to the Scarlet Sword to rest for a bit… and to install the new eyes Lucky found for their pet hutt.

While there, Haril Zense debriefs them.
“It’s very troubling that we’ve been compromised, but it does kind of explain the sketchy motherfucker who’s been hanging around the bar in a super nice suit… still, something about him seems weird, we should look into that.

About the data you recovered… I have a contact, a Twi’lek named Cern’idral, who’s got friends in Imperial Logistics, he might be able to help you guys out with the convoy Nima learned out."

Everyone heads to the meeting spot in time to find their contact shot by an unknown assassin – they quickly chase him down and subdue him, only to find he was very resistant to interrogation and making a point to stall. Searching his body, afterwards, reveals a datapad hooked up to a transmitter -the datapad has quite a bit of info on the convoy. Through analyzing it, they discover where and when it will be. The hutt and wookiee buy some transport, and away everyone goes!

Predictably the ambush goes poorly and almost everybody dies, but the group does score a whole bunch of tents and cots, so that’s pretty cool.
Nestled away in the supplies is a case full of an industrial strength drug. Some pirates totally try to jack it, but the group’s like “nah” and instead kill the pirates and sell the drugs for 60,000 credits. Hooray!



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