The Onderon Cell


After being promised the use of the recently recovered “shadow Raptor” should they perform well on Onderon, the team sets out to help the planet throw off the shackles of imperial tyranny. The first step? how about the as yet uninfiltrated IIS stronghold beneath the Imperial Opera house. Oh yeah, and we have no idea where exactly it is or how to get in. Piece of cake. During a trip to the Devlik populated Barrens to sell some unwanted gear the team stumbles across a gang of humans trashing a devlik merchants shop. Thinking that this is not a particularly nice activity the PCs move in to try to convince the hooligans to desist in their shenanigans. Their words are not as convincing as the could have been but the gangers do realize that they are slightly outgunned and withdraw. The Devlik merchant thanks them and leads the team to a hidden tunnel in his shop saying that the gangers usually have more numbers nearby and that on the rare occasion they do experience resistance Stormtroopers quickly appear to resolve the conflict, never in favor of the Barrens natives. A shop hand acts as a guide for the PCs who ask to be taken to the opera house. He takes them as close as he can which is where the devlik tunnels intersect with the city’s sewer system. While marching through these tunnels the team discovers a door that is higher security then the surrounding area. after making short work of this door they make their way into what they believe is the IIS base. Sure enough as they enter a huge room with multiple tunnels leading to various points around the city the discover a group of troopers marching on the catwalks above them. A quick shot from Nima brings the catwalk an the troopers tumbling to the ground. Another b ig security door and some more walking brings the team to an enormous room with loose grating floors, Several support beams scattered around and large piping overhead. The floor is covered with crates of various sizes and there is a bank of lockers along the back wall. As the players enter the room a large cargo door at the far end opens to reveal more Stormies and an ATST walker. Its a really good thing that the team brought some explosives in case they came across some doors that needed opening. Most of the team quickly hides to prepare an ambush for the dirty imps but Sola isn’t having any of that. besides, what is a hutt supposed to hide behind? “Hey friends, I seem to have gotten lost. Any chance you can point me to the little huttlets room?” Of course he says all this in Hutt so the message is not particularly well received. As the Stormies advance under the cover of the AT-ST the team works out plan B. LEO “If only we had a smoke grenade! Oh wait, I have one in my handy dandy utility belt!” Grenade flies and so does LEO on his brand new shiny jetpack with 1 satchel of proton grenades. Unfortunately the trigger he rigged up takes longer then expected to fire and the team has to sit around like idiots trying not to get there faces shot off. eventually the bombs explode, catching Sola in the blast thanks to a heroic and incredibly stupid kill steal. The AT-ST is damaged and gets a foot caught in the floor grating long enough for Sola to chuck the second set of charges at the walkers knee joints. Nima makes another miracle shot and explodes the bombs… to no effect. at least not to the walker. Sola is now blind and wanders around aimlessly until he can get help from the rest of the team. Lucky decides that he has had enough playing around and uses his jetpack to land on top of the ATST, and his newly crafted lightsaber to cut a hole in the top. After removing the head of the rather contrary captain the copilot surrenders and points the team in the direction of the Intelligence base. They find it with no issues but discover it to be almost completely empty. Of note is the holo projector in the middle of the room which buzzes to life as the enter. Malau Jocaos stands before them. “Took you long enough!” After some typical bad guy speechifying Malau points to one of the computer monitors. As they watch a news broadcast disappears and is replaced with a seemingly random jumble of letters and sounds. Simultaneously their commlinks switch on with the same jumbles. after about 30 secs the devices return to normal and Malau signs off with another thinly veiled threat. Finally they see on another computer monitor what appears to be hundreds of Storm troopers marching up the sewers that they had just come through. quick slice into the computer network and set the last proton grenade with a proximity detonator and away they go.



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