Soryn Colzaar

Human Space Superiority Pilot


Short for a human, though no less confident because of it. Soryn was blessed with good looks and a naturally athletic build; he was rarely challenged growing up. He sports a leather flight jacket with a pair of reflective aviator sunglasses tucked into a pocket. More notably, his service blaster is easily reachable in a leg holster. At first, and even second, glance he appears nothing more than your average cocky smuggler.


Soryn identified with stories of Jedi as a child, imagining his own ease of life as a sign that, had Vader not killed them all, he totally would have been selected and could, right now, be doing backflips and twirling a lightsaber. As he grew older and slightly more mature, he realized that was never going to happen… but holodramas and stories of the Clone Wars, particularly of the brave Jedi Generals, remain a guilty pleasure. Soryn graduated from flight school and was left with an option – boring commercial fare, join the same Empire that killed all his heros, or throw his lot in with this plucky upstart rebellion who styled themselves after the glory days. It was an easy choice.

After a brief stint with The Onderon Cell, Soryn decided that maybe the whole slogging through jungles thing just wasn’t the same as sitting in a cockpit blowing up TIE Fighters. He joined up with Nightmare Squadron and was quickly promoted out of rookie-dom due to the losses surrounding the Shadow Raptor due to the Iceheart.

He and his droid, R4-G6, continue to search for Imperial Aces to put down and decorate his X-Wing’s canopy with.

Soryn Colzaar

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