Nautolan Hired Gun


Speed is the name of the game as far as this Nautolan is concerned; though he follows his species leanings towards overall fitness, he’s focused his efforts on reaction time and dexterity.
He wears a poorly disguised trophy of captured stormtrooper armor, spray painted green to better hide in Onderon‘s jungles, hoping the color, his lack of helmet, and the two blaster pistols slung low on his hips will be enough of a distinction. Ever the showman there’s a combat knife strapped upside down on his chest, though he seems to treat it as more a tool than a weapon.


Born Bengel Morr, Lucky hated Glee Anselm, and he hated that he was named after a traitor… even if his namesake did later redeem himself. The first opportunity for a nickname came fairly early on when, spur of the moment, Bengel decided to leave home and chanced upon a freighter that was not only leaving that day, but needed an extra crewman. Of course, they turned out to be pirates, and his new shipmakes constantly laughed at his luck.
He grew into the name over various campaigns, proving that in very small ways, things did often go his way.
Eventually Lucky felt the pirates were a bit blood thirsty for his tastes, and he abandoned ship in the middle of the night. Lucky saw this as a chance for new opportunities – the pirates saw it as betrayal.

On Onderon, Lucky took up profession as a mercenary. His first job was guarding a warehouse, which he took a bit too seriously when a passing Imperial patrol decided to start perusing the wares. Things escalated when the Stormtrooper’s buddies came in and saw him standing over their comrade’s corpse and trying on his armor. Lucky for him, the ensuing firefight attracted a particular group of rebel operatives…


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