Hura Kogler

Imperial Intelligence agent, cover ID: Shyndi Oglerk


Daughter of the legendary Hyndis Kogler, a high ranking officer in the Infiltration branch of Imperial Intelligence. She’s desperate to set herself apart from her father’s shadow – the opportunity came when a Doctor Tobias of the Tech Branch called her father with an idea regarding the use of 3PO series droids to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance. Though her father rejected the idea due to issues with effective deployment, Hura took the idea to Krall Sesslyn knowing it to be along his line of thinking.

Hura was given the opportunity to test her plan, and given the cover name Shyndi Oglerk, privateer, along with a first mate and some of Sesslyn’s battle droids.

Hura failed in her mission, losing both her first mate and the (expensive) warehouse of behavior chips. Sesslyn is not pleased, nor will Hyndis Kogler when he learns of his daughter’s betrayal. A distraught Hura now believes the only way to redeem her name, and keep her from being executed for treason, is to recover the chips and capture the Rebel Scum that ruined her life.

She attempted to enact her revenge aboard the Falling Star, sneaking aboard while both Nima and Lucky were unavailable; unfortunately LEO proved to have droid-like accuracy and killed her in his own pilot’s chair.

Her body was later recovered from the _Star_’s wreckage, leading to many unanswered questions for the ISB.

Hura Kogler

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