Wookiee Counter Intelligence Infiltrator/Marauder


Lost left arm in Droid invasion, and has a cybernetic replacement.

Was blinded by Captain Balrekk , and now has prosthetic replacement.

Lost left leg in battle with a Heavy Battle droid, now has a prosthetic made of random droid parts.


History- One of the youngest to survive the Test of Ascension in the Shadowlands. (The forest floor of Kashyyk.) This caused him to be more instinctual, but this also led to him having a short fuse, and was always quick to act.. especially fighting. Wookies normally are fierce and go into a rage, but even at an early age, Chalkatta’s rage took it to a new level.

Life day – Helped turn Chewbacca away from visiting his home on life day (not an easy task at all), due to Darth Vadar setting a trap and waiting to take him prisoner.

Enrollment- Chewbacca put in a good word with the rebellion to enlist Chalkatta. He was placed in the role of a Infiltrator due to the natural ability to move not only quickly, but quietly. This was a must during the Test of Ascension, so it seemed a good fit. It wasn’t until after his first few missions he started to embrace more of a Marauder type of role.

Now- Since joining, he has tried to embrace his counter-intelligence duty; however, it has proven to be difficult as of late and there is a huge conflict arising in him. After losing his left arm in battle, getting a cybernetic replacement, then losing his sight in battle, his resolve is not as clear as it once was. Vengeance, rage, anger, and fear are starting to infiltrate his every thought and action.


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