The Onderon Cell

Following the Siege of Whisper Base, the group had quite a bit to do if they were to make the base habitable again. Once repairs were began, Gaav Fennro contacted the Rebel Alliance and let them know of what had transpired.
The Republic Cruiser Lathir was rerouted immediately to return to Onderon and drop off much needed supplies for the base. As a reward for their selfless service, the group was assigned a platoon of Republic Infantry to keep the base secure in their absence. It being a counter intelligence post, Chalkkatta was also appointed as the base’s commander.

Deciding that their Lambda-class shuttle was too conspicuous, the group offered it in trade to Kavia Slen. Though a little out of her league, she eventually relented and made an offer: She can get hold of either a Wayfarer Medium Transport, a YT-1300 Light Freighter, a HWK-290 Light Freighter, or a Firespray System Patrol Craft. Either way, it will take some time. In the mean time…

The Rebel Alliance was most interested in the captured spy of Moff Lasre Dardano. Though the Onderon Cell Operatives weren’t able to crack him, trained Republic interrogators were. He revealed the stuff of legend – The Perlemian Haul is real. A mysterious Imperial convoy traveling the oldest hyperspace lane in the galaxy – the Perlemian Trade Route AKA the Axis – rumored to be carrying sensitive (and sinister) cargo to far-flung Imperial facilities and strongholds. Its existence has never been confirmed, until now… and even better, The Alliance knows its next port of call. They require a group of skilled operatives to confirm the convoy’s existence, infiltrate one of its heavy freighters, and successfully commandeer the vessel so they can take possession of it, and are sending a disarmed Lambda to pick up their operatives for the mission.

Now, on to Martle Station, to find their contact, Passk, and information about Temple-Class Heavy Freighter M226…


I vote for the yt1300 or depending on armament, the hawk.


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