The Onderon Cell

Onslaught at Arda The RESOLUTion

Having just been tasked with sniffing out the potential traitor hiding amongst the rebels, the PCs begin brainstorming ways to uncover such a nefarious character discreetly. One of their first stops is Captain Harl Bess to hand over the mysterious devices they discovered on Arda. When he hears where they came from (especially how one came from within his hanger) he is obviously upset that unregistered pieces of tech were on base at all, let alone in an area under his direct control. Their next thought is to get their hands on the logs showing who has requisitioned any kind of transport and gone out into the jungle. This is fairly easily accomplished, but does not reveal any immediate leads, just the usual patrols and special projects for the various officers on base. LEO does stumble across something useful however. A recently acquired engineer droid, VX-19, spent a lot of time accessing the Imperial cyphers database prior to the attack on Arda. Especially in light of their previous experiences with recently acquired droids, the team was naturally suspicious. Their next stop was to inquire about any personnel issues on base. Were their any reports of suspicious activities? Notable disciplinary problems? Or has somebody maybe been throwing around a little more money then is justified by their pay grades? Unfortunately, Senior Advisor Setenna Hase is unavailable working on base business, but her field assistant Var Narek eagerly answers their questions. VX-19 was on an Imperial vessel prior to becoming part of the base. He also mentions Lt. Rik Torrence as being cocky cites multiple insubordination instances. He also mentions that Harl Bess is known to have a “secret” invitational Sabacc game in the hanger after hours. The Players immediately catch onto the bit about VX-19 and decide to investigate a little closer. They send LEO in to get close to the probably Imperial controlled secret assassin droid to gather more information. While working side by side with the suspect droid, LEO notices the droid periodically slips into brief periods of inactivity and retains no knowledge of them happening. Obviously, the secret brain chip is installing the most recent patch, which requires a full system reboot. Things are not looking good for the tricksy Imperial murder droid. On his way out of engineering, LEO bumps into Clik who chats about the history of Jagomir and tells him about a Pirate compound that has not yet been explored. Clik is sure that there is some gear that has been left out there for maybe hundreds of years which the recovering base might find useful.
Meanwhile Nima hangs out in the hanger to try to make sure nobody tries to tamper with the communications devices. Nobody is even looking in the direction of the storage area, but she does notice a Bothan lurking in the shadows and looking around furtively. Being about a billion times more sneaky then the Bothan, Nima bumps into the spy “accidentally” and strikes up a conversation. “Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. hehehe. whatcha doing hiding in the shadows like some sort of creeper.” In a display of superior Bothan cunning, she introduces herself as Lt. Masi Qual and explains that she has an upcoming mission and is brushing up on her super sneaky skills. Best. Spy. Ever.
the team decides that the next step should involve a direct “interview” with the ruthless deathbot. After approaching Commander Qurno with what they have gathered so far and explains the previous missions and their suspicion of brainchip control, Qurno reluctantly gives permission to question the robot. After turning him off, LEO digs around in VX’s skull and does not reveal any brain chips. What he does discover is evidence of Clik’s tinkering and “upgrading.” Could this be the cause of the droids “quirks?” Only one way to find out. They turn the droid on and begin the interrogation. “WHO DO YOU WORK FOR????” The droid reveals that it has no ill will toward the Rebels and has not taken any actions since joining the base against them. The droid had spent so much time logged into the Imperial cypher database in an attempt to sort out the mysterious interference on Arda. VX theorized that it could have been Imperial codes and was working to decrypt it, but was assured by Setenna Hase’s assistant that it was probably just a computer malfunction. After deciding that VX was most likely NOT a crazy murderbot after all, they return to Cpt. Bess to see if he has any information on the devices. He explains that they appear to be some kind of hyperspace transponder capable of sending data (including locations) across the galaxy. He also managed to uncover what appears to be the last message that was sent by the mysterious device. It is a report from the spy to his Imperial handlers giving away not only Arda Bases location but also details its defensive capabilities. He then begs the PCs to do him a favor. Can you go out into the jungle and set up these sensors? There are still big holes in our coverage. They are suddenly very suspicious. 2 different members of the staff have asked them to leave the base on “very important missions.” Could it just be a coincidence that there are a lot of things around and off base that need to be done and everyone just wants to get the crack Rebel cell (and Lucky) on the job? or is there a more sinister force at work, luring them off base to distract them from their investigation? They decide to risk it an go out on the missions despite their having a bad feeling about them. But not before taking the recently uncovered Imperial report to Setenna Hase for some kind of “psychological profile” on the author. She admits that because of the intentionally sterile language it will be difficult to come up with anything concrete, but agrees to look at it. At the suggestion of her assistant she mentions that in her off time she had been doing some anthropological research on the planet and had uncovered some legends that point toward an ancient Sith temple somewhere on the planet and asks the team to keep an eye out for anything “Sithy” should they find themselves out in the jungle. The team heads out on one of the bases newly assembled Pterocopters to set up the sensor nets prior to investigating the pirate compound. The first three sites go by without incident, but when the fourth is set up there is a very large explosion north of them. The manage to climb back into the hovering copter and head off to investigate. A Y-wing of unknown origin has crash landed in the jungle not far from their location. They are not able to tell if there are survivors from the air and are forced to land in order to start a rescue operation. Once on the ground, they see that the cockpit is relatively unharmed by the unfortunate astromech is destroyed beyond repair. Chalkkatta rips the canopy of the flaming wreckage and pulls the pilot away. They lay him on the ground at Kharrus’s feet for some quick medical treatment when some local fauna burst out of the jungle on either side of them. On one side a pack of swamp stalkers, a vulpine predator native to the jungles of Jagomir, facing off with a Garrix, a blind tunneling worm, on the other. None of these creatures seems to slow the group down and they are quickly headed back to base with the injured Y-wing pilot. They check back in with Cpt Bess who tells them he is at the end of his skills with the communicators. But suddenly LEO has a flash of inspiration and goes to work on the devices using Harl’s equipment. In no time at all he has unlocked the whole thing. He has the traitors log in credentials. Now all that is needed is a quick check of the Alliances personnel records and they will have their man… or woman… hutt… droid… whatever! They also know that the traitor has the rank of Lieutenant. So they decide to get the command to round up the bases LTs in a secure area. Before long they are all accounted for.. except Setenna’s field assistant Var Narek who is out on a special assignment. She calls him up. “Hey, the investigators have figured out who the traitor is and are ready to make the announcement. I would like you on hand for the announcement to help take him into custody and put the base back at ease after.” “Sure thing, boss, I’ll be right back.” After waiting for to long, the PCs have realized that he is almost certainly the traitor and has bailed. They eventually go ahead with the records check and sure enough the man responsible for the loss of Arda base and countless rebel lives is in fact Setenna’s field assistant Var Narek. They know where in the jungle he was supposed to be working and so a manhunt ensues. Setenna insists that she lead the hunt personally. Some time into the search after the rebels have spread out a bit into the jungle the PCs hear Hase cry out not far off. Racing over toward the sound they are just in time to watch as Narek speeds off on a hidden bike with Setenna trussed up behind him. They give chase to a clearing deep in the jungle with a large cave mouth in the center. They are just in time to watch helplessly as a Jumpmaster 5000 lifts off and flys out and into the sky. When the PCs return to base to report Nareks escape they are met once again by Urel Haydon, who once again seems to know more then he should. "Narek was raised on the nearby Imperial planet Ord Radama. That is likely where he will be going. You must rescue Setenna before she falls into Imperial hands. If they have the chance to interrogate her, this base, and maybe the rebellion as a whole could be in danger.



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