The Onderon Cell

Onslaught at Arda I, part IV

in which the rails were deliberately and maliciously ignored

After racing back to base and learning about Narek’s connection to the planet Ord Radama the team prepares to give chase. They are met by Commander Qurno who loans them an astromech for the journey. He explains that he has input a secret route through the Jagas cluster that, while potentially dangerous, should help them close the gap between them and Narek, if not letting them arrive first. They set out and manage to arrive at Ord Radama almost without incident. They dock at the spaceport for the capital city Livien Magnus and secure repairs to their ships. They then inquire about their “Friend” who should have arrived in a Jumpmaster 5000. The stations security forces are at first reluctant to provide any information about other ships on planet, especially to such undesirables, but are eventually swayed by Lucky’s compelling financial arguments. There have been no Jumpmasters arriving in the last few days. But for a low fee they can be notified if any do come to the planet. Satisfied with this they head out to find their contact on planet, Haril Zense. But where to look? They discover that most of the new arrivals on planet head to the Scarlet Sword, a local dive. They arrive at the bar and immediately start throwing Zense’s name around. The barkeep smiles and waves over another patron who shows them into a back room where they come face to face with approximately a dozen rebels pointing blasters in their faces. “Who are you and why are you asking after Zense.” After some attempts at subtlety the names Setenna and Qurno are dropped. At this point a man in his mid forties pushes his way to the front. “I am Zense. Stay here while I confirm your identities. We can chat if you are who you say. If not…” After a couple minutes Zense returns somewhat surprised that a group of rebel heroes would start throwing around Alliance names so freely. The PCs tell Haril about the betrayal on Arda and of their mission to track down Narek and rescue Setenna. He stops them for a moment at the mention of Narek and digs through some files on his datapad. After finding what he was looking for, he tells the PCs about a bombing a few months back on the planet that had been quickly blamed on the Rebels. He also mentions that 2 members of the Narek family were listed amongst the dead and that just in the last couple days it had come to him that the bombing was likely an Imperial Intelligence plot to bring aboard a Rebel traitor. He suggests that the team might be able to infiltrate the Imperial palace to gain access to the Imperial database and thereby gain some info about who is in charge of the op and where they might be able to find Narek. He also recommends checking on a high end restaurant and club. The Narek family had many highly placed friends who would likely use that place as a hangout. It also counts many Imperial officers amongst its clientele. The PCs noted many large estates outside of town and after a bit of research Zense is able to track down clues that indicate that the Narek family did, at least at some time, have a manor but was unable to locate where. Perhaps this is also something the could obtain from a computer in the Imperial palace? The team decides to go after the Private club rather then the heavily secured Palace. Furthermore, when the get to the restaurant they decide that there is no reason why they actually have to go in themselves. They swing around back and find a server who is on break. “Hey Kid, Here is some money. Go look into your database for membership information for a friend of mine.” A few minutes later the server comes back. “Sorry guys, I was only able to get a billing address.” Now that the location of the Narek manor has been discovered they head out on a borrowed speeder. On the way they receive a call from the Spaceport officer telling them that a Jumpmaster was just given clearance to land at a manor outside of town. The shortly get a visual on this same vessel and sure enough, they seem to be heading in the same general direction. They arrive at a large plot of land by a lake. The grounds are badly overgrown and the manor house has not been maintained well. There is a Jumpmaster on the landingpad with steam still rising off of it. The ramp is down but there is no sign of Narek or his captive. The team hops the fence and approaches the building after stopping to shut down the transport to slow down Nareks potential escape. As they approach the building a blaster shot rings out and singes a bush next to the Rebels. “You should not have followed me. My friends will be here soon and then you will be captured along with Setenna.” The team advances on the building with Kharrus, Nima, and Leo going through the front door and Lucky and Chalkata climbing the outside of the building under Nareks ineffectual gunfire to go through the window. They all burst into the room at the same time to find Narek dug in behind some toppled furniture. As a short gunfight ensues, an Imperial APC arrives on scene with a large number of stormtroopers. Leo remembers that he has a life scanner from their time on Jagomir and uses it to try to find Setenna. She is a good distance away in the opposite direction from the incoming Stormtroopers. He and Nima race off to try to get to her first while the rest of the team works on subduing Narek and holding off the incoming Imps. Narek proves surprisingly difficult for the Wookie to grapple with but is eventually incapacitated while Kharrus and Lucky whittle the troopers down. With the traitor taken down, Chalkata leaps off of the second story balcony into the ranks of the now terrified troopers. The trio mops up what is left of the baddies as Leo and Nima approach the shed where Setenna was being held. But they are too late. The IIS agent Malau Jocaos got to her first and is dragging her toward a nearby swoop. Nima and Leo give chase and Just as the agent is about to speed off to the city, Leo gets off a lucky shot that temporarily disables the bike. Nima also pulls off a miracle shot hitting the bindings that hold Setenna. As Malau struggles to get the swoop moving, Leo uses that last precious seconds to channel his inner huttballer and diving tackles Setenna off of the bike just as the engines kick back on and it disappears into the night. Would they like to give chase, maybe giving them a chance to bring down the man responsible for the plat that cost the Alliance a base and countless lives? NAAAA, we are good. We got Setenna and Narek.



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