Dropped off on a strange jungle world full of infamously deadly predators with the mission of capturing an entire Imperial base by themselves, these are the adventures of… the Onderon Cell!

Current Group Obligations:
1-20 Chalkkatta and [[:lucky | Lucky are Wanted by the Inquisition
21-30 LE-03‘s Bounty from his body’s original owner
31-55 Lucky‘s Betrayal of the Hook Beak pirates.
56-60 The group’s obligation to the Ord Radama casino
61-65 Everyone’s Criminal involvement of the massacre at Iziz
66-75 Revenge of Malau Jocaos‘s foiled plans on Ord Radama
76-80 Sola’s “sponsorship” by hutt cartel
81-85 Sola’s obsession with being the greatest floonorpist in the galaxy and all things floonorpy

Total: 85

Current Group Duty Ratings:
Chalkkatta – 0 (Counter Intelligence)
LE-03 – 0 (Support)
[[:nima | Nima]] – 0 (Sabotage)
Lucky – 0 (Recruiting)
Total: 20
Kharrus – 0 (Combat Victory)
Soryn Colzaar – 0 (Space Superiority)

Contribution Rank 4 (Respected and trusted by the Alliance. Minor notoriety to the Empire, considered to have limited but useful tactical information if questioned; execution after interrogation expected.)

The Onderon Cell

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