Tag: Ord Mantell


  • Ord Mantell, Part I

    Following the rescue of [[:senior-advisor-setenna-hase | Senior Advisor Setenna Hase]] on [[Ord Radama]], the group finds themselves in an awkward situation: It's been less than 24 hours, but their ships won't be repaired for another three weeks. [[: …

  • Wohlport

    The main continent of [[Ord Mantell]] shares its name with the planet's key manmade feature - the series of cities interlocking along its southern coast. The massive string of coastal cities are the reason billions of tourists visit the planet every year, …

  • Ioda Jallea

    The head of the Black Sun criminal syndicate on [[Ord Mantell]] . He runs the _Salvation_ Casino, having purchased a run down store front with his own money and turning it into something to rival any establishment on Nar Shadaa.

  • Luni Vanko

    Wife of Grand Moff Vanko, she's the one who pushed for the Imperial Palace to be built on beautiful Ord Mantell despite the relatively weak Imperial presence. She does her best to enamor the people to the Empire and does frequent publicity stunts, but she …