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  • "The Rise of Leo"-Forword

    This is the Foreword for the up and coming "The Rise of Leo" short story I am working on, as a character background and back story for our campaign. The Shipyards of Talus span miles. The need for intergalactic travel demands operations run year- …

  • LE-03

    One of the forgotten four, a group of mechanic droids forgotten to time in the underbelly of Talus’ shipyards. After three centuries of repetitive labor, LE-03 witnessed an assassin droid being “killed”. Working with the remaining two forgotten, “Leo” …

  • BX-2R

    BX-2R AKA "Toor" was killed minutes into the occupation of Whisper Base by [[:le-03 | LE-03]], who believed he had to disable it before the party could remove his restraining bolt and unleash a commando droid assassin.

  • R2-M5

    A plucky astromech given to the team from [[:commander-elemack | Commander Elemack]] during [[Operation Shellcracker | Operation Shellcracker]]. M5's original purpose was to change the travel logs of the stolen Imperial Survey Core vessel, the _Emperor's …