The Onderon Cell

Operation: Shadowpoint

In the aftermath of taking Whisper Base, the team sat in their brand new briefing room to discuss options. As it was, they had a few goals: They needed to resupply, and establish a steady supply chain to the base; acquire staff; ditch their hostages; and fortify the base. Since Moff Lasre Dardano has likely been alerted by the scout trooper who got away, a counter attack could be coming any day now.

Chalcatta, (whose player was absent) solves one of the problems in minutes – he calls up the Republic cruiser Lathir that dropped them off. The rest of the team listen to his well stated arguments for taking the prisoners.
“Raaaaaarrrgggh. Roar! Growl.”
With that, he heads off to the walk in refrigerator to retrieve their prisoners, load them onto the Nihlos, and ferries them off into space to be gone for a narrative amount of time.

The rest of the team excitedly crosses that off their list. Nima opts to monitor the SigInt array, since she can, and try to figure out anything worthwhile from the backlogged messages. LE-03, meanwhile, sifts through the base’s information on Onderon and the surrounding area. Of particular note is information on the capital city, Iziz, the Imperial Logistics Base Jyrenne Base, reports of beast riding barbarians, and a local exploited village. It’s too late in the day to check any of them out, but the team resolves to investigate Darrastead village in the morning. Nima, meanwhile, decides there’s far too much information for just her to sift through and, after checking the encryption, sets up the SigInt array to automatically transmit everything to the Republic.

The team wakes up to an automated message from the base – a high priority message! Everyone gathers in the briefing room, and discovers Republic High Command has something to say.

“You guys are sending way too much information, you’re going to compromise the frequency! We’re sending you a signal intelligence expert to help manage stuff, he’ll be there in 24 hours. He’ll work the word dalgo into conversation somehow. This message will self destruct in 5…4…3…2..1.”

Good news! Now, to get the base cleaned up since BX-2R is out of the picture. The team hops on their captured speeder bikes and goes racing off into the forest.. after Kharrusreminds everyone they need to close and lock the main door to ward off would be burglars.
The village of Darrastead is found fairly easily, but there’s only one problem – who’s actually going to talk to the locals? LE-03 opts out due to self professed anger management issues, and Nima, Kharrus, and Soryn diplomatically settle the issue with “nose-goes.” Kharrus is readily elected to be spokesman, as the charismatic Soryn comes down with a bad case of GM-PC-doesn’t-want-to-talk-to-himself-for-an-hour.
The villagers are skeptical of the claims that Whisper Base has fallen, but so delighted by the news joy outweighs any desire for proof. Showing a remarkable insight into herd-mentality, Kharrus easily negotiates for a team of villages to come help out at the base in exchange for excess medical supplies and parts, with the bonus offer that the base’s barracks are open to any villager who would rather not risk being eaten by Bomas in the middle of the night. LE-03 manages to find someone with technical knowledge to help him out, while Nima finds both success and despair in recruiting a lone, pervy, farmer to come back to the base with her and train at the rifle range. Skeeved out, she opts to let Kharrus handle the actual training.

The next day, the team decides they’re going to track down the beast riders – maybe they could be convinced to join the fight against the Empire, since they’ve been attacking patrols already. Soryn is left at the base to await both their SigInt specialist and the workers from Darrastead. Everyone else piles on to two speeder bikes and they take off. In no time at all they’re in hostile beast rider territory, and come face to face with the draconic Ruping the Clazca Tribe beast riders call a steed. After a brief meeting, it’s settled – in one week’s time they’ll meet back up and discuss an alliance with the tribe. Until then, they won’t be permitted in Clazca territory.
On their way back, they get a message from Soryn.
“Hey guys? Uh, someone dropped a boulder in our lawn.”
Upon returning to Whisper Base, the massive boulder is easily spotted. A test, to verify the Imperials no longer hold the base? Or, perhaps it was an attack that just missed its mark. Either way, the team hurries inside.

A few hours later the detail from Darrastead arrives, and the team set out figuring work assignments, bunk allocation, and training regimens – both to teach their new workers to maintain equipment and to defend themselves, and for the natives to teach the rebels how to hunt and survive in this dangerous jungle. Kharrus is concerned about food supplies – even if they have quite a bit in ration packs, eventually those will run out!

Day three starts quietly. Too quietly – as the 24 hours they were promised by High Command comes and goes, the team grows increasing restless. Nima eventually checks the SigInt array, searching for anything that might clue them in to what’s taking so long. She finds a lone report that catches her attention – earlier that morning, a Mon Calamari smuggler was picked up by Iziz Customs having illegal weapons and enough supplies for a small team. Despite being unconvinced the smuggler is their man, the team still decides to rescue him; after all, having a smuggler in your pocket is always a good thing!

Leaving the Darrastead Villagers in charge of the base, the team hops on two speeder bikes and heads off into Iziz. Soryn and Nima slip through the checkpoint with ease:
“I’m just taking my lady friend somewhere nice,”
While LE-03 and Kharrus end up having to pay an “Undesirables” tax directly to the guard’s wallet. Once in the mercantile district, the team splits up.
LE-03 purchases a few minor parts to repair the speeders he banged up, and a new hydrospanner for his technically minded villager friend.
Soryn uses all his cunning to flag down a passing local and ask:
“Hey, where’s customs at? The old treasury building? Thanks.”
Nima, now informed, heads out to scout the treasury building out. She discovers it’s pretty heavily guarded, but there’s roof access and, in a twist of destiny, a crowded tavern just across the street. Once the team reconvenes, Nima heads into the bar to find the biggest drunk.
“Hey uh… that guy over there? He was talking shit about you.”
She manages to flee the ensuing brawl just in time to see the Stormtroopers guarding the treasury door moving to break up the disturbance. With ease, she scales the building while everyone is distracted. Kharrus follows her, and discovers that a Gran climbing a three story building draws a crowd of its own. Soryn and LE-03 meanwhile slip in through the unguarded front door.

Once on the roof, destiny rears its ugly head and Kharrus and Nima discover the roof access was actually a hood covering for a fan. No problem – Kharrus sneakily rips the vent cover off and drops it, sending the metal lid banging down the vent shaft and gumming up the fan with several loud crashes. Nima glares daggers at him. Still, they hop down the vent and climb through, emerging finally in the ladies lavatory. As they step out, they’re only a little surprised to see a squad of stormtroopers crouched with blasters raised – evidently they’d heard the stealthy intrusion!

Soryn and LE-03 have similar luck. Despite skirting the outside guards, they bust through the front door to find four more stormtroopers on patrol inside the lobby. Well shit.
For a few minutes the entire building is filled with blaster fire. Adrenaline turns to despair as one of the troopers calls for help on his commlink with his dying breath. Kicking it into overdrive, the team manages to find the smuggler. Just as Nima has his shackles off, Kharrus demands to know the password.
“The password? Oh, it’s-“ The Mon Calamari is cut off abruptly as another team of stormtroopers fight their way to the third floor and set off a grenade.
Soryn and Nima take the smuggler with them, climbing back out the ladies lavatory vent to the ceiling. Kharrus, already critically wounded from his sustained firefight, leaps from the second story window in a desperate attempt to escape. Against all odds he survives, battered but not yet broken.
LE-03, in similar panic, runs down the stairs and out the back door. Thanking the meatbag gods of destiny, LEO helps the gravely injured Kharrus into the back of a speeder parked nearby and hops into the pilot seat. By the time he has it turned on and ready to go, Nima and the smuggler have rappelled down. Soryn is a bit slower, hopping first from the roof to a lower roof before scrabbling down and into the back – he clearly subscribes to the ‘face first’ method of parkour, and ends up looking little better than Kharrus.
LE-03 punches it just in time to see Onderon Security in a landspeeder of their own rounding the corner. The chase is on!

Takeover at Whisper Base

The story begins with the team disembarking from a speeder deep in the Onderon jungles, watching in mild regret as it flies back to Iziz. There’s no way back now – the only way is forward to Whisper Base! From there, three objectives – take out communications to stop distress calls, disable the shuttle to prevent escape, and then disable Lieutenant Sarev. Following the map uploaded into LE’s internal datapad the team makes short work of the jungle trek, managing to avoid setting off any of the proximity alarms and easily skirting the holocams all the way up to the massive garage doors and the least imposing, and still ajar, service hatch.

Once inside, Nima sets about investigating the assorted crates and lockers, while Kharrus and LE-03 check out the collection of speeder bikes and two rusted AT-STs. LE-03 easily sabotages the majority of the bikes, while Kharrus and Nima strike out with the AT-STs and crates respectively. If only they had a code cylinder! After much debate, the team moves into ambush positions while LE-03 moves to cut the power line he’s identified leads to the base’s communications system; since a hatch to the outside was open, it should be easy enough to blame the sabotage on local fauna while they slip deeper into the base.

A small team of Imperial Army Troopers steps into the garage from the depths of Whisper Base and seals the door behind them. The lead figure, a sergeant by his uniform, has just enough time to point out nearly every member of the “hidden” team before Kharrus levels his heavy blaster rifle and takes him out. Soryn, who had just confessed he’s never actual fired a blaster before, manages to take out two more troopers with critical precision. Nima and Chalcatta close the distance to bring vibroknives and brass knuckles to the fray, distracting the remaining troops long enough for blasters to bring them down. A clean victory!

Using the defeated sergeant’s code cylinder, LE-03 opens the door to the base proper. He pushes past a surprised battle droid pushing a mop cart, only barely registering its presence as he races to the power generator room.

“This unit needs to complete the sanitation of this garage bay-”
“What is it, a battle droid?”
“See that, it’s a restraining bolt, if we pop it off I bet it would help us.”
“This unit would greatly appreciate-“

The battle droid, now a custodian, BX-2R, is silenced abruptly as molten remnants of its head fall away to reveal the barrel of LE-03’s forearm mounted heavy blaster pistol.

“It would have turned on us. It was a battle droid.”
The rest of the team stares in stunned disbelief as LE-03 turns and rushes back down the corridor. With a sigh, they follow.

LE-03 quickly discovers that the main generator is locked beyond what his captured code cylinder will allow. On the plus side, he also confirms the mess hall is empty and there’s nothing worthwhile in the trash compactor! Chalcatta, now leading the rest of the party, makes a quick detour from their trek to the landing pad to stop in the communications room to sabotage any chance of a distress call. As he leaves the door, he spots four more Imperial Army Troopers directly down the hall. As it turns out, their greatest weaknesses are Wookie-powered punches to the face and blaster bolts to the chest. From there, Soryn easily disables the shuttle Nihlos and discovers its transponder was switched off. Weird.

LE-03 scouts ahead, pushing 2R’s mop bucket. All droids look alike, right? He discovers a trio of stormtroopers guarding what his map identifies as the armory. For now though, he pushes into the firing range and comes to a stop behind two practicing officers. His second forearm blaster pistol extends from his exoskeleton, and he calmly lines up both shots. One officer down, one missing an ear – not quite what he had in mind! Yelling in pain and terror the Army Officer leaps into the range for cover and calls for help – luckily the rest of the team was laying in wait and open fire on the armory stormtroopers when they move to respond. Blaster fire fills the air for a lot longer than anybody would have expected, finally dying off when Nima slides across the deck and takes out both troopers with quick ankle slashes from her vibroknife. Somehow, nobody was watching and her action-heroine stunt is met with disbelief.

The barracks are quickly dealt with, with blaster pistols and grenades collected from their dozen hostages. Chalcatta and LE-03 agree that the best place for them would be the trash compactor – everyone else strongly disagrees and instead opts to tie them up and throw them in the mess hall’s walk-in refrigeration unit. A duty roster shows the only thing separating them from Lieutenant Sarev are six stromtroopers and a locked door. Not a problem for the brain trust of Kharrus and LE-03 who cobble together a bomb with the “liberated” blaster pistols and grenades. From there it’s just a quick throw and… dead stormtroopers.

“Theta squad! This is the control room! What’s going on out there?! Report!”
“Uh… everything’s fine out here. No problem. How’s your day?”

Falling for Chalcatta’s clever ruse, the command staff open the door to find themselves face to face with Kharrus’ heavy rifle. The command staff are easily taken hostage and bound, only for a wayward glance to lead Nima to investigate a desk and discover… a hidden door!

“The lieutenant’s made a break for it! It looks like this leads to… the garage!”

Soryn and Chalcatta sprint for the shuttle, assuming a lambda will be easily able to catch a fleeing officer while the rest of the team race to the garage. Discovering a missing AT-ST, they hop on the speeder bikes (the ones they didn’t sabotage,) and give chase. A few kilometers in they notice – they’re being chased too! Somewhere along the line four Scout Troopers have picked up their trail and are keen to open fire. The Nihlos arrives in the nick of time, Chalcatta using the laser cannons to easily take out the AT-ST… and a few scout bikes for good measure. Unfortunately, one manages to get away – long term, that’ll probably be an issue. But, for now, Whisper Base has been taken!


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