The Nihlos

Lambda-Class T-4A Long Range Shuttle




A stolen Lambda-class shuttle. Originally owned by Moff Dardano, it was liberated by the Rebels in 0ABY during the Takeover at Whisper Base.

By the time of the The Interlude, the party traded it to Kavia Slen in exchange for a slightly worn down YT-1300.

According to official logs, the Nihlos crashed and was destroyed. In fact, Moff Dardano falsified this report in order to acquire an off the books shuttle for his off the books listening post.
Since being captured by the Rebels, Soryn has indebted himself to Kavia Slen in exchange for using her connections to fix the issue with the transponder and leave it, in Imperial eyes, an Imperial Asset with current registration… a debt Kavia has not forgiven despite now being in possession of the shuttle.

The Nihlos

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