The Falling Star





An aging YT-1300, The Falling Star is still a workhorse of a ship. Obtained from Kavia Slen on Onderon in exchange for The Nihlos, The Falling Star came with some damage, both minor and serious. Still, it’s a discreet trading vessel with enough arms and armor to fend off most threats.

The Star met its end escaping from Ord Mantell after the Onderon Cell raided the Moff’s Palace to free Haril Zense and Gwen Wettik. The heavily damaged Star was intercepted in low orbit by an Imperial Customs Vigil and ignored orders to stand down; a high speed chase through the debris fields in orbit of Ord Mantell ensued, culminating with the Star being caught in a tractor beam. The Star was able to blow away the boarding tube, though this angered the Vigil-class enough that it obliterated the Star and left it for dead as a floating wreck, the newest addition to the trash in orbit.

The Falling Star

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