Albino Zabrak workgang leader



Soak 4
Wounds 15

Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Coercion 2, Melee 3, Resilience 3, Vigilance 3
Talents: Soft Spot (After making an attack with a non-vehicle weapon, may spend one dark side point to add damage equal to cunning to one hit of his attack)
Abilities: None
Equipment: Three vibroknives (Dmg 5, Crit 2, Range Engaged, Pierce 2, Vicious 1)
Space suit, breath mask, datapad


Raf is a large, muscular, and albino Zabrak, with pale skin and pink, brooding eyes. A large black spot has been tatooed in the center of his forehead. He dresses in a worn work suit and carries a number of vibroknives.
Raf has a reputation on the docks for being easily insulted.


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