Twi'Lek Sabotage Infiltrator


She is really just your typical Twi’lek. Slender and enchanting. Her purple hue attracts men far and wide but do not let that fool you. She is quite sneaky.


It was around the middle of the day that my whole life got turned around. I was doing my normal hunting of Rycrits. Suddenly I looked up and saw ships rapidly approaching my home planet, Ryloth. Things had not been too great with the Empire, slowly becoming worse and worse. I ducked for cover in a cluster of rocks just as the storm troopers came pouring in. I could see them going straight for my home town. It was the kind of thing you see in nightmares. They seemed to go for miles, marching to the sound of the death of my people. I had thought it best to stay where I was for quite some time. I woke up in daze, I had almost forgotten where I was. As I looked up from my hunched over position I saw nothing but mass chaos all around. Black smoke filled the air and it became increasingly difficult to breathe. I quickly crawled out of my hiding spot and took a frantic look around. There were no signs of storm troopers to be seen just the destruction they left behind. I ran home as fast as my feet would carry me. Tears running down my face as I neared my home. What used to be a safe haven was now a pile of rocks. I screamed out for my family but was returned with a loud silence. This was the day we all feared, the day the Empire came to make us slaves. I heard gun fight off in the distance but could not pin point the exact direction in which it came from. Suddenly I was being pulled behind a pile of rocks. I stumbled to the ground terrified. I looked up and am relieved to see that it was a rebel soldier that came to my rescue. They quickly ran me back to their ship and into safety. They showed me kindness, gave me a bed to sleep in and water to drink. As I laid there that night two things were very clear. One, I was alone in the world and may never see my family again. Two, I would do whatever it took to free all the slaves and find my family.


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