Moff Lasre Dardano

Moff of Japrael Sector


Presumed dead, so his stats aren’t that great.


The nefarious Moff who created Whisper Base as part of his long-term scheme to undermine Admiral Corlen, Lasre Dardano is a cunning foe. His cleverness is eclipsed, however, by his arrogance, and he has most assuredly underestimated the Rebels who have taken over his former listening post.

Update: According to recently intercepted com traffic, Moff Dardano is listed as missing after diverting Imperial funds to purchase an AT-AT for his own personal use. He took it from Jyrenne Base for a training exercise, along with a TIE/SA Bomber, and hasn’t been seen since.
The Empire wishes to speak with him in regards to abandoning his post and his intentions with Imperial Equipment.
The Rebellion has him listed in their files as deceased following his assault on Whisper Base.

Moff Lasre Dardano

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