Rattataki Sith


A female Rattataki, Juzu was raised with the ideals of only the best thrive, constantly prove yourself, and that it’s better to die young in glory than wither away in age. Juzu has done her best to perfect herself, both physically and mentally, so that she can crush anything that stands in her way of glory.

At an early age she was discovered by the fledgling Empire and trained in their ways. Due to her aptitude in lightsaber combat and innate skills as a huntress, she quickly rose in ranks of the Inquisitorius – the order dedicated to hunting down and exterminating Jedi.

A lone wolf, Juzu is more likely to strike by herself than with a team, though she has no problems requisitioning and utilizing any forces she feels she needs for the mission. When she does strike, it’s with surgical precision against targets that usually weren’t even aware she existed.


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