Hylo Sortuli

Captain of Shadow Raptor


Named for a millennia-old legend of the Mirialan people, Hylo left her homeworld of Mirial at a young age to seek adventure among the stars. She was a part of Cracken’s original crew during the Contruum resistance and helped Cracken steal the Shadow Raptor. When Cracken was promoted, she became the captain of the Shadow Raptor. She has a pet lizard named Bonebark that always seems inconveniently underfoot.

Hylo was devastated by the loss of the Shadow Raptor and all of its crew; She and her navigator Tay Coomsay were the only survivors, rescued at the last second by the Onderon Cell. Though her future is uncertain, her heart has hardened immeasurably and her resolve to fight to Empire to her dying breath has never been higher.


Hylo Sortuli

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