Deil Kadru

Darrastead village elder


Soak 1
Wounds 8

Skills: Cool 1, Leadership 2, Negotiation 1, Perception 2, Survival 2
Talents: None
Abilities: Village Leader (Darrastead villagers add one boost to their Cool and Discipline checks when they can see Deil)
Equipment: Poor-weather cloak, key to village supplies


The elder of Darrastead is an old, white-haired human woman. She is still spry for her age, although too frail for much heavy labor or exertion. She wears simple clothes in brown and green with the only indication of her station being a cloak of slightly finer material. Despite her unassuming appearance, Deil’s eyes blaze with keen intellect and fierce spirit to those willing to look past the surface.

Deil Kadru

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