Smuggler captain of Spinster's Loom


Brahtikka, along with her droid co-pilot LE-LU979 (Lelu) pilot the medium freighter Spinster’s Loom. They’re “insertion specialists” for the Alliance, which really means they’re freelance smugglers who have shown themselves loyal enough to be used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic to smuggle their more valuable cargo and covert operatives, predominantly in the Port Tooga area.

Now that her contact at the Shadow Raptor has dried up, she’s again looking for work, more and more on the freelance side of things.

She’s young for an off world wookiee, but has still made her mark on society – there are plenty of tales in the smuggler circles of a goggled wookiee outsmarting Hutt and Imperial customs alike just as often as ripping their limbs off.



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