Airen Cracken

Republic intelligence officer, general


Born and raised on his parents’ farm on Contruum, Cracken developed an early proficiency with machinery and modifications. He put these skills to use performing repairs on nearby farmers’ equipment, and eventually Cracken opened a mechanic’s shop. He married a Corellian woman called Josta, and had two children: Pash and Dena.
When the Galactic Empire took control of Contruum, Cracken organized his mechanics into a group of guerrilla resistance fighters waging war on the infrastructure of the Imperial occupation. Supply depots, mining operations, star docks, and landing bays were all targets of Cracken’s Crew. According to the account in his official Alliance biography, their sabotage distracted and frustrated the Imperial commander while a planetary militia was raised, and they subsequently fought alongside the militia in a years-long war which caused so much damage to the Imperial garrison that it forced the sector’s Moff to cede control of the planet to its people.

The Alliance source goes on to claim that Cracken grew preoccupied with the thought that other worlds were still laboring under Imperial domination, and left Contruum with the aim of joining the Rebellion. However, it seems that Cracken and his crew initially operated independently of the Alliance, traveling from planet to planet aboard a freighter, targeting Imperial facilities.
Eventually, the crew caught the attention of the Rebels, and Cracken found himself as an officer of Alliance Intelligence. He was a general before the Battle of Yavin, and soon succeeded General Vernan as Supreme Allied Commander for Intelligence, overall leader of one of the Allied military’s six galaxywide commands.


Airen Cracken

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