The Onderon Cell

After spending some time on Ord Radama with the insurgency unwinding from their trek into the Sith Temple on Athiss, Lucky proposes an idea:

“We have a ”/characters/governor-varla-prule" class=“wiki-content-link”>corrupt Governor who might be able to get Kharrus transferred from the Moff’s palace to somewhere a bit more… accessible. In order to keep the Rebellion’s hands clean, I propose we go through Shoola the Hutt. She’s going to want compensation for the inevitable blow back, but… I think it’s doable. What do you say?"

The group readily agrees, and everyone ships off to Port Tooga on the Torchwood. Lucky arranges an audience with Shoola.

“My poor Kharrus!” Shoola’s droid translates. “Of course we have to get him back! As luck would have it, there’s something I need in a deposit box… bring it back to me, and I’ll call in some favors to get our little honey bear transferred to somewhere with less security. This item is very important to me though, so I’m going to send someone with you… Introduce yourself ”/characters/sola" class=“wiki-content-link”>Sola."

“Hey guys.”

After Sola gets his massive amount of personal lugged loaded onto the Torchwood, the group is off! The bank turns out to be on an orbital station run by the Muun and the Intergalactic Banking Clan. The group docks, and after paying some licensing fees to have LE-03 registered as a War Droid in Corporate Sector Authority space, everyone docks.

They quickly discover that the bank is under renovation, and the vault’s contents have been temporarily moved down planetside. Sola is able to scrounge up 60,000 credits from the party to have deposited in his name, and use that leverage to get a trip down to the surface.

There, he bribes the local malcontents – if they launch an attack on the bank when he calls for them, not only do they get to keep all the money, he’ll provide a ship to take them and their families off world… and, he’ll even offer them employment, afterwords. The fine print: The cost of the ship he’s providing will be deducted from the credits they pull from the bank’s vault.

Nima goes out and buys a communications jammer to scramble the camera while they rob the bank. She finds it easily enough, but something tells her it was almost too easy…

The actual robbery starts off smooth: LE-03 and Sola make it to the locked vault, Lucky waits in the parking lot in a soon to be commandeered speeder-van, and Nima and Chalkkatta start sneaking in through the side door in order to find the security room, suppress the alarm, open the vault, and then call in the attack.

Just plain bad luck fouls things up – during a scuffle in the security room, the console gets unplugged just as Nima opens the vault and sets off the alarm. LEO has just enough time to race into the vault and prop a hover-sled in the path of the door to slow it down as the massive metal door starts sliding shut again due to the alarm. Frantically, they call the local malcontents, The Miracle Workers, to commence their diversionary attack.

Now, it comes down to Nima and Chalkkatta being able to get the console turned on in time to reopen the vault lest LEO get trapped while he searches for Deposit Box 6 to either crack it open or take it with him. With the alarm sounded, there’s only minutes to effect their escape before reinforcements arrive!

Of course, there’s also the question of what to do with the three bank employees who have seen their faces…



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