The Onderon Cell

Ord Mantell, Part III

It takes the group some time to work their way down the mountain from the Moff’s Palace. LE-03 does his best to patch up Gwen Wettik‘s missing arm, and even offers her his cloak to stay warm. Chalkkatta, aided by Nima, lead the group first to the train tracks, and then back towards the city. It’s a long hike, but ultimately everyone makes it… in no small part due to Chalkkatta’s building of a shelter to let them weather the night and storm.

Once in the city, Haril Zense asks to stop by his docking bay, and to borrow some money to pay the fees. The group agrees. His docking pass was confiscated, but biometric scans allow Haril to summon the Torchwood from berthing. He, Gwen, and Nima board the ship and take off.

Chalkkatta, Lucky, and LE-03 head back to their own bay with The Falling Star. LEO opts to sell his Y-Wing to help cover the costs of the missing bikes, and Lucky does extraordinarily well finding a buyer for the vintage fighter-bomber, selling it for well above MSRP. Chalkkatta opts to carry the physical money of their party fund, or at least the portions they decide not to stash on their ship, while LEO serves as a balancing system with frequent audits.

That settled, everyone heads to the berthing bay to retrieve their ship for real this time, not just sell one off. Waiting for them is a heavily armed and armored man.

“Chalkkatta… Big Sexy sent me for you. He says you can either surrender yourself as a replacement for his slave girl, or pay restitution… he valued her at 20,000 credits.”

While the wookiee tries to reason with the bounty hunter, a group of pirates close in from behind.

“Ah! There you are Lucky, thought you could hide from us eh!?”

LEO starts rambling about Transducer Monologues and starts backing away slowly – nobody seems to notice.

“Chalk… you trust me?” asks Lucky in a whisper.
“Rrrgr… roar?”
“Hey, Bounty Hunter. We’ll pay that 20,000… and throw on 10,000 more if you help us kill these pirates.”

Wishing to keep his bounty alive at the very least, the hunter agrees. By the time he’s readied his rifle, Chalkkatta has already killed the left half of pirates, while Lucky diving through the air firing off both pistols kills the other half. Lucky hits the ground in a roll and comes up firing – this time at the Bounty Hunter, and two bolts take him square through the heart. Problem solved!

Lucky boards his A-Wing with a wave and takes off.

Chalk and LEO board the Star then to find the smell of booze and spice permeating from the cockpit. Weary after their last ambushes, they check the rest of the ship for intruders before heading up to the flight controls. Waiting for them is Shyndi Oglerk with a drawn pistol in her hands. Chalkkatta threatens her, she shoots him and dives for cover… and LEO proves he’s tired of this shit and unloads on Oglerk’s cover (the captain’s chair), neatly killing her and ruining his chair. Hunh!

Once in space, they’re quickly hailed by a Vigil-class Star Destroyer…. it could be doing routine customs inspections, except for one thing: It calls them Rebels. LEO takes the ship for a frantic race. Mere seconds away from jumping to hyperspace they’re caught in a tractor beam however, and eventually reduced to wreckage by powerful turbolasers.

Lucky appears after the Star Destroyer has departed, waves to LEO and the space-suited Chalkkatta, and signals the Torchwood to come pick everyone up so they can go home.



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