The Onderon Cell

Onderonian cell and the temple of Sith

Orguss informs you that he has located references to an ancient Sith temple somewhere on the planet Athiss. The planet has been abandoned for over a thousand years but had just recently been repopulated by the Far Orbit resort and lodge. The planet has not been embroiled in galactic conflict, in part because of its remote location, but also because the staff prides itself on protecting the privacy and anonymity of its clientele. Even so, Orguss recommends going to every possible length to not reveal their ties to the Rebel Alliance or the true reason for their visit. Haril mentions that Alliance Intelligence has arranged their stay at the resort (including paying for it, you lucky nerf herders), but it will be up to them to maintain their covers as simple tourists. Orguss also provides a very crudely drawn map that allegedly indicates the temples location and apologetically notes that it was probably not very accurate to begin with and the geography will certainly have changed in the 3000 years since it was drawn. Also in an attempt to preserve the serene atmosphere, private transports are not allowed on planet meaning there is probably a hike in the near future.


Lucky’s proposed cover story: A mix of professional hunters and spoiled rich kids who want trophies. The group met on the ride over, but had no prior interaction.

Shopping List:
Ration Packs x14, per person (5C each, rarity 0)
Tent x2 (100C each, rarity 1)
Fusion Lantern (150C, Rarity 2)
Thermal Cloak, per person (200C each, rarity 1)


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