The Onderon Cell


With the Falling Star destroyed (thanks to Lucky’s selfish regard for his own life) the team has assembled aboard the newly acquired Torchwood and begins the trip back to Ord Radama to drop off Haril Zense and Gwen Wettik. Jump calculated, the team sits back for the long riide back when they are pulled unexpectedly out of hyperspace to find what appears to be a Star Destroyer at suicide close range.


They quickly see that it is in fact slightly smaller and has a distinctive notch in the nose. LEO scans his memory banks and thinks that it may actually be Harrower class ship from the Sith Empire. They are also able to tell that there is no apparent power signatures and the vessel is tumbling very slowly through space. Recognizing that they are not adequately equipped to go exploring a floating hulk they decide to note its location and trajectory in order to come back at a later date.

They return to Ord Radama for some shopping and are told by Haril that there just happens to be an expert on the Sith empire on planet and has worked for the Alliance on several occasions.

The team heads back to the derelict and finds it exactly where it should be, because physics. The aged scholar spends several minutes geeking out over the discovery before making himself useful with plan making. He suggests that the reactor may have some residual power that they can use to power up the ships main computer system on the bridge and suggests they start there. The team puts on their space suits and exits their transports and into the hanger. Opening the first door into the ship is easy enough with no power but there is a rush of air that escapes out into space. After going through several more doors, closing them behind them the pressures equalize to the point that the suits can be removed. Aside from it being stagnant after 3000 years the air is perfectly breathable. They make their way to Engineering thanks to the map they coaxed from a computer terminal and get the reactor back online with no trouble.
Not knowing how long the power will last they decide to limit the power to just the most essential systems, life support and the main computers in the bridge. Again, there is no incident as the team makes their way to the bridge. Once the arrive they find the computers up and the aged historian immediately gets to work recovering the computers files.

Not having much else to do during this stage, Chalkatta wanders around the bridge before coming to a halt in front of the sensor readouts and sees a little blinking light. Investigating he sees that there is another ship incoming… an Imperial Lambda… with around a dozen life signs. Best of all there is no way to reach their ships before the Imperials dock. There is a brief talk about the options… Ships laser batteries? Not powered up, and wouldnt be able to man more then 1. Sneak past? Cuz that went well for Kharrus. FIght? Maybe, but might be hard with the bookworm in tow. And besides the security cam in the hangar that Leo just brought up clearly shows a menacing figure in black robes headed this way. Lucky and Chalkatta leave the bridge to scout out the enemy. On the way, they develop a clever ploy to draw the big scary back to the hanger where the will blow her up with her own guns. Suddenly, Chalkattas life form sensor starts going crazy. Multiple targets surrounding them. Just as he sees this 4 canines burst out in the hallway in front and behind. They manage to get a couple hits on the Wookie but are mowed down with ease. Turns out this ship was transporting some alien species in stasis and reactivating the reactor somehow triggered a thaw. Without further incident the manage to sneak past the incoming Imperials and get to the enemy Lambda only to find out that they have no idea how to open it. HMM
Meanwhile Leo realizes that there is now a really scary thing between him and survival and welds the bridge door closed. He then uses his fusion torch to try to punch a hole in the exterior wall of the bridge to get away from the big bad. Knowing that this will take a while Nima attempts to find an alternate route out via maintenance hatches. As she finds something promising there is a sound at the door as someone tries to open it. Then the end of a Lightsaber blade easily separates the weld and the doors fly open. Outside is the robed figure from earlier, lightsaber in hand. She ignores the PCs in the bridge staring straight at the historian. “We meet again Orguss” and she leaps. The previously feeble looking scholar is suddenly very spritely, tossing the datapad over to LEO, as the end of his walking stick bursts into life forming the blade of another lightsaber. “Get that information to the Republic” he cries as he engages the Sith inquisitor. Not needing to be told twice LEO and Nima sprint back to the ship desperately trying to avoid the Stormtroopers somewhere on the ship.

Back at the hangers, Lucky decides to hop aboard the Awing and destroy the Lambda before pointing his cannons at the door. Whatever else happens here, the inquisitor will not be leaving. LEO and Nima arrive shortly and hop on the Torchwood and all eyes and guns sit waiting for the appearance of the Sith. After another minute or two, Orguss stumbles into the hanger, beaten and weary. And missing an arm at the elbow. He explains that he defeated the Sith who he identified as his old padawan, Tayvia. With Orguss’s urgent need for medical attention they decide to leave and let the Alliance do what they will with the remainder of the hulk. After a couple days Orguss lets them know that preliminary findings on the data recovered from the ship indicate that there may be a Sith temple on the Outer Rim world of Athiss. Perhaps you might be interested in a vacation?



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