The Onderon Cell

The Convoy

With everyone free of the explosion in the tunnel system, and Chalkkatta waiting patiently in the escape car with the slurpies he was sent to get, everyone except Sola sees the light of day. The group returns to the Scarlet Sword to rest for a bit… and to install the new eyes Lucky found for their pet hutt.

While there, Haril Zense debriefs them.
“It’s very troubling that we’ve been compromised, but it does kind of explain the sketchy motherfucker who’s been hanging around the bar in a super nice suit… still, something about him seems weird, we should look into that.

About the data you recovered… I have a contact, a Twi’lek named Cern’idral, who’s got friends in Imperial Logistics, he might be able to help you guys out with the convoy Nima learned out."

Everyone heads to the meeting spot in time to find their contact shot by an unknown assassin – they quickly chase him down and subdue him, only to find he was very resistant to interrogation and making a point to stall. Searching his body, afterwards, reveals a datapad hooked up to a transmitter -the datapad has quite a bit of info on the convoy. Through analyzing it, they discover where and when it will be. The hutt and wookiee buy some transport, and away everyone goes!

Predictably the ambush goes poorly and almost everybody dies, but the group does score a whole bunch of tents and cots, so that’s pretty cool.
Nestled away in the supplies is a case full of an industrial strength drug. Some pirates totally try to jack it, but the group’s like “nah” and instead kill the pirates and sell the drugs for 60,000 credits. Hooray!


After being promised the use of the recently recovered “shadow Raptor” should they perform well on Onderon, the team sets out to help the planet throw off the shackles of imperial tyranny. The first step? how about the as yet uninfiltrated IIS stronghold beneath the Imperial Opera house. Oh yeah, and we have no idea where exactly it is or how to get in. Piece of cake. During a trip to the Devlik populated Barrens to sell some unwanted gear the team stumbles across a gang of humans trashing a devlik merchants shop. Thinking that this is not a particularly nice activity the PCs move in to try to convince the hooligans to desist in their shenanigans. Their words are not as convincing as the could have been but the gangers do realize that they are slightly outgunned and withdraw. The Devlik merchant thanks them and leads the team to a hidden tunnel in his shop saying that the gangers usually have more numbers nearby and that on the rare occasion they do experience resistance Stormtroopers quickly appear to resolve the conflict, never in favor of the Barrens natives. A shop hand acts as a guide for the PCs who ask to be taken to the opera house. He takes them as close as he can which is where the devlik tunnels intersect with the city’s sewer system. While marching through these tunnels the team discovers a door that is higher security then the surrounding area. after making short work of this door they make their way into what they believe is the IIS base. Sure enough as they enter a huge room with multiple tunnels leading to various points around the city the discover a group of troopers marching on the catwalks above them. A quick shot from Nima brings the catwalk an the troopers tumbling to the ground. Another b ig security door and some more walking brings the team to an enormous room with loose grating floors, Several support beams scattered around and large piping overhead. The floor is covered with crates of various sizes and there is a bank of lockers along the back wall. As the players enter the room a large cargo door at the far end opens to reveal more Stormies and an ATST walker. Its a really good thing that the team brought some explosives in case they came across some doors that needed opening. Most of the team quickly hides to prepare an ambush for the dirty imps but Sola isn’t having any of that. besides, what is a hutt supposed to hide behind? “Hey friends, I seem to have gotten lost. Any chance you can point me to the little huttlets room?” Of course he says all this in Hutt so the message is not particularly well received. As the Stormies advance under the cover of the AT-ST the team works out plan B. LEO “If only we had a smoke grenade! Oh wait, I have one in my handy dandy utility belt!” Grenade flies and so does LEO on his brand new shiny jetpack with 1 satchel of proton grenades. Unfortunately the trigger he rigged up takes longer then expected to fire and the team has to sit around like idiots trying not to get there faces shot off. eventually the bombs explode, catching Sola in the blast thanks to a heroic and incredibly stupid kill steal. The AT-ST is damaged and gets a foot caught in the floor grating long enough for Sola to chuck the second set of charges at the walkers knee joints. Nima makes another miracle shot and explodes the bombs… to no effect. at least not to the walker. Sola is now blind and wanders around aimlessly until he can get help from the rest of the team. Lucky decides that he has had enough playing around and uses his jetpack to land on top of the ATST, and his newly crafted lightsaber to cut a hole in the top. After removing the head of the rather contrary captain the copilot surrenders and points the team in the direction of the Intelligence base. They find it with no issues but discover it to be almost completely empty. Of note is the holo projector in the middle of the room which buzzes to life as the enter. Malau Jocaos stands before them. “Took you long enough!” After some typical bad guy speechifying Malau points to one of the computer monitors. As they watch a news broadcast disappears and is replaced with a seemingly random jumble of letters and sounds. Simultaneously their commlinks switch on with the same jumbles. after about 30 secs the devices return to normal and Malau signs off with another thinly veiled threat. Finally they see on another computer monitor what appears to be hundreds of Storm troopers marching up the sewers that they had just come through. quick slice into the computer network and set the last proton grenade with a proximity detonator and away they go.

The Bank Job

After spending some time on Ord Radama with the insurgency unwinding from their trek into the Sith Temple on Athiss, Lucky proposes an idea:

“We have a ”/characters/governor-varla-prule" class=“wiki-content-link”>corrupt Governor who might be able to get Kharrus transferred from the Moff’s palace to somewhere a bit more… accessible. In order to keep the Rebellion’s hands clean, I propose we go through Shoola the Hutt. She’s going to want compensation for the inevitable blow back, but… I think it’s doable. What do you say?"

The group readily agrees, and everyone ships off to Port Tooga on the Torchwood. Lucky arranges an audience with Shoola.

“My poor Kharrus!” Shoola’s droid translates. “Of course we have to get him back! As luck would have it, there’s something I need in a deposit box… bring it back to me, and I’ll call in some favors to get our little honey bear transferred to somewhere with less security. This item is very important to me though, so I’m going to send someone with you… Introduce yourself ”/characters/sola" class=“wiki-content-link”>Sola."

“Hey guys.”

After Sola gets his massive amount of personal lugged loaded onto the Torchwood, the group is off! The bank turns out to be on an orbital station run by the Muun and the Intergalactic Banking Clan. The group docks, and after paying some licensing fees to have LE-03 registered as a War Droid in Corporate Sector Authority space, everyone docks.

They quickly discover that the bank is under renovation, and the vault’s contents have been temporarily moved down planetside. Sola is able to scrounge up 60,000 credits from the party to have deposited in his name, and use that leverage to get a trip down to the surface.

There, he bribes the local malcontents – if they launch an attack on the bank when he calls for them, not only do they get to keep all the money, he’ll provide a ship to take them and their families off world… and, he’ll even offer them employment, afterwords. The fine print: The cost of the ship he’s providing will be deducted from the credits they pull from the bank’s vault.

Nima goes out and buys a communications jammer to scramble the camera while they rob the bank. She finds it easily enough, but something tells her it was almost too easy…

The actual robbery starts off smooth: LE-03 and Sola make it to the locked vault, Lucky waits in the parking lot in a soon to be commandeered speeder-van, and Nima and Chalkkatta start sneaking in through the side door in order to find the security room, suppress the alarm, open the vault, and then call in the attack.

Just plain bad luck fouls things up – during a scuffle in the security room, the console gets unplugged just as Nima opens the vault and sets off the alarm. LEO has just enough time to race into the vault and prop a hover-sled in the path of the door to slow it down as the massive metal door starts sliding shut again due to the alarm. Frantically, they call the local malcontents, The Miracle Workers, to commence their diversionary attack.

Now, it comes down to Nima and Chalkkatta being able to get the console turned on in time to reopen the vault lest LEO get trapped while he searches for Deposit Box 6 to either crack it open or take it with him. With the alarm sounded, there’s only minutes to effect their escape before reinforcements arrive!

Of course, there’s also the question of what to do with the three bank employees who have seen their faces…

Temple of the Sith

Trek into jungle, scare guys, find old man, illusions, lightsaber.
Give lightsaber to Orguss.
Orguss mentors Lucky.
Gwen mentors Chalkkatta.

Onderonian cell and the temple of Sith

Orguss informs you that he has located references to an ancient Sith temple somewhere on the planet Athiss. The planet has been abandoned for over a thousand years but had just recently been repopulated by the Far Orbit resort and lodge. The planet has not been embroiled in galactic conflict, in part because of its remote location, but also because the staff prides itself on protecting the privacy and anonymity of its clientele. Even so, Orguss recommends going to every possible length to not reveal their ties to the Rebel Alliance or the true reason for their visit. Haril mentions that Alliance Intelligence has arranged their stay at the resort (including paying for it, you lucky nerf herders), but it will be up to them to maintain their covers as simple tourists. Orguss also provides a very crudely drawn map that allegedly indicates the temples location and apologetically notes that it was probably not very accurate to begin with and the geography will certainly have changed in the 3000 years since it was drawn. Also in an attempt to preserve the serene atmosphere, private transports are not allowed on planet meaning there is probably a hike in the near future.


With the Falling Star destroyed (thanks to Lucky’s selfish regard for his own life) the team has assembled aboard the newly acquired Torchwood and begins the trip back to Ord Radama to drop off Haril Zense and Gwen Wettik. Jump calculated, the team sits back for the long riide back when they are pulled unexpectedly out of hyperspace to find what appears to be a Star Destroyer at suicide close range.


They quickly see that it is in fact slightly smaller and has a distinctive notch in the nose. LEO scans his memory banks and thinks that it may actually be Harrower class ship from the Sith Empire. They are also able to tell that there is no apparent power signatures and the vessel is tumbling very slowly through space. Recognizing that they are not adequately equipped to go exploring a floating hulk they decide to note its location and trajectory in order to come back at a later date.

They return to Ord Radama for some shopping and are told by Haril that there just happens to be an expert on the Sith empire on planet and has worked for the Alliance on several occasions.

The team heads back to the derelict and finds it exactly where it should be, because physics. The aged scholar spends several minutes geeking out over the discovery before making himself useful with plan making. He suggests that the reactor may have some residual power that they can use to power up the ships main computer system on the bridge and suggests they start there. The team puts on their space suits and exits their transports and into the hanger. Opening the first door into the ship is easy enough with no power but there is a rush of air that escapes out into space. After going through several more doors, closing them behind them the pressures equalize to the point that the suits can be removed. Aside from it being stagnant after 3000 years the air is perfectly breathable. They make their way to Engineering thanks to the map they coaxed from a computer terminal and get the reactor back online with no trouble.
Not knowing how long the power will last they decide to limit the power to just the most essential systems, life support and the main computers in the bridge. Again, there is no incident as the team makes their way to the bridge. Once the arrive they find the computers up and the aged historian immediately gets to work recovering the computers files.

Not having much else to do during this stage, Chalkatta wanders around the bridge before coming to a halt in front of the sensor readouts and sees a little blinking light. Investigating he sees that there is another ship incoming… an Imperial Lambda… with around a dozen life signs. Best of all there is no way to reach their ships before the Imperials dock. There is a brief talk about the options… Ships laser batteries? Not powered up, and wouldnt be able to man more then 1. Sneak past? Cuz that went well for Kharrus. FIght? Maybe, but might be hard with the bookworm in tow. And besides the security cam in the hangar that Leo just brought up clearly shows a menacing figure in black robes headed this way. Lucky and Chalkatta leave the bridge to scout out the enemy. On the way, they develop a clever ploy to draw the big scary back to the hanger where the will blow her up with her own guns. Suddenly, Chalkattas life form sensor starts going crazy. Multiple targets surrounding them. Just as he sees this 4 canines burst out in the hallway in front and behind. They manage to get a couple hits on the Wookie but are mowed down with ease. Turns out this ship was transporting some alien species in stasis and reactivating the reactor somehow triggered a thaw. Without further incident the manage to sneak past the incoming Imperials and get to the enemy Lambda only to find out that they have no idea how to open it. HMM
Meanwhile Leo realizes that there is now a really scary thing between him and survival and welds the bridge door closed. He then uses his fusion torch to try to punch a hole in the exterior wall of the bridge to get away from the big bad. Knowing that this will take a while Nima attempts to find an alternate route out via maintenance hatches. As she finds something promising there is a sound at the door as someone tries to open it. Then the end of a Lightsaber blade easily separates the weld and the doors fly open. Outside is the robed figure from earlier, lightsaber in hand. She ignores the PCs in the bridge staring straight at the historian. “We meet again Orguss” and she leaps. The previously feeble looking scholar is suddenly very spritely, tossing the datapad over to LEO, as the end of his walking stick bursts into life forming the blade of another lightsaber. “Get that information to the Republic” he cries as he engages the Sith inquisitor. Not needing to be told twice LEO and Nima sprint back to the ship desperately trying to avoid the Stormtroopers somewhere on the ship.

Back at the hangers, Lucky decides to hop aboard the Awing and destroy the Lambda before pointing his cannons at the door. Whatever else happens here, the inquisitor will not be leaving. LEO and Nima arrive shortly and hop on the Torchwood and all eyes and guns sit waiting for the appearance of the Sith. After another minute or two, Orguss stumbles into the hanger, beaten and weary. And missing an arm at the elbow. He explains that he defeated the Sith who he identified as his old padawan, Tayvia. With Orguss’s urgent need for medical attention they decide to leave and let the Alliance do what they will with the remainder of the hulk. After a couple days Orguss lets them know that preliminary findings on the data recovered from the ship indicate that there may be a Sith temple on the Outer Rim world of Athiss. Perhaps you might be interested in a vacation?

Ord Mantell, Part III

It takes the group some time to work their way down the mountain from the Moff’s Palace. LE-03 does his best to patch up Gwen Wettik‘s missing arm, and even offers her his cloak to stay warm. Chalkkatta, aided by Nima, lead the group first to the train tracks, and then back towards the city. It’s a long hike, but ultimately everyone makes it… in no small part due to Chalkkatta’s building of a shelter to let them weather the night and storm.

Once in the city, Haril Zense asks to stop by his docking bay, and to borrow some money to pay the fees. The group agrees. His docking pass was confiscated, but biometric scans allow Haril to summon the Torchwood from berthing. He, Gwen, and Nima board the ship and take off.

Chalkkatta, Lucky, and LE-03 head back to their own bay with The Falling Star. LEO opts to sell his Y-Wing to help cover the costs of the missing bikes, and Lucky does extraordinarily well finding a buyer for the vintage fighter-bomber, selling it for well above MSRP. Chalkkatta opts to carry the physical money of their party fund, or at least the portions they decide not to stash on their ship, while LEO serves as a balancing system with frequent audits.

That settled, everyone heads to the berthing bay to retrieve their ship for real this time, not just sell one off. Waiting for them is a heavily armed and armored man.

“Chalkkatta… Big Sexy sent me for you. He says you can either surrender yourself as a replacement for his slave girl, or pay restitution… he valued her at 20,000 credits.”

While the wookiee tries to reason with the bounty hunter, a group of pirates close in from behind.

“Ah! There you are Lucky, thought you could hide from us eh!?”

LEO starts rambling about Transducer Monologues and starts backing away slowly – nobody seems to notice.

“Chalk… you trust me?” asks Lucky in a whisper.
“Rrrgr… roar?”
“Hey, Bounty Hunter. We’ll pay that 20,000… and throw on 10,000 more if you help us kill these pirates.”

Wishing to keep his bounty alive at the very least, the hunter agrees. By the time he’s readied his rifle, Chalkkatta has already killed the left half of pirates, while Lucky diving through the air firing off both pistols kills the other half. Lucky hits the ground in a roll and comes up firing – this time at the Bounty Hunter, and two bolts take him square through the heart. Problem solved!

Lucky boards his A-Wing with a wave and takes off.

Chalk and LEO board the Star then to find the smell of booze and spice permeating from the cockpit. Weary after their last ambushes, they check the rest of the ship for intruders before heading up to the flight controls. Waiting for them is Shyndi Oglerk with a drawn pistol in her hands. Chalkkatta threatens her, she shoots him and dives for cover… and LEO proves he’s tired of this shit and unloads on Oglerk’s cover (the captain’s chair), neatly killing her and ruining his chair. Hunh!

Once in space, they’re quickly hailed by a Vigil-class Star Destroyer…. it could be doing routine customs inspections, except for one thing: It calls them Rebels. LEO takes the ship for a frantic race. Mere seconds away from jumping to hyperspace they’re caught in a tractor beam however, and eventually reduced to wreckage by powerful turbolasers.

Lucky appears after the Star Destroyer has departed, waves to LEO and the space-suited Chalkkatta, and signals the Torchwood to come pick everyone up so they can go home.

Ord Mantell, Part II
In which Chalkatta dies, Kharrus dies, and then Kharrus dies again

The group huddles together on the mountaintop just down the road from Mining Facility 343, waiting for Chalkkatta to finish scouting. LEO translates:
“Six clusters of explosives – I think he’s describing proton grenades – presumably chained together. There are two exterior buildings, a cave entrance, and one side of the facility is completely occupied by a Sentinel-class lander. They appear to be loading the missing townsfolk in restraints into some kind of container. As a reminder, there are two full squads of stormtroopers, Imperial Army troopers, scout troopers, and two AT-STs as well providing security.”

The group deliberates for hours while their wookiee scout keeps tabs. Eventually, they narrow it down to three options:
-Free the slaves – this would be best accomplished by heading back to the city, hopping on the ship, and intercepting in space.
-Secure the mine and look for clues. A big enough distraction might let the group sneak into the cave while LEO disarms the explosives just outside.
-Save both mine and slaves; there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this, or even any way, other than a full frontal assault.

The time spent deliberating eventually solves the problem, as the Imperial forces start retreating to their lander, apparently done. Chalkatta waits until he has a clear path, and then scrambles down the mountainside. LE-03 talks him through disarming the bombs – the first goes down without a problem, though the second sets off a reaction. Chalkatta has just enough time to dive into the cave before it detonates in a chain-reaction, reducing the entire camp to rubble and covering it in ten feet of snow.

“Chalkatta? Come in Chalkatta! Noooooooo!”

Speeder bikes bring the rest of the group over the powder once the explosion has subsided. They spot the roof tops marking where the buildings were, and begin excavating. Nima finds a curious datapad:

General Sav Vahj,
Remove all evidence of our activities on Ord Mantell. Do not let the Empire learn of your presence there, nor of my involvement.

Weird. The group sits tight, freezing, while they try to figure out what to do next.

Meanwhile, Chalkatta regains consciousness! He stumbles through the mine underground, thankful that the previous occupants helpfully installed safety lighting independent of any power grid. Eventually he finds a brand new security door – as it’s without power, he’s able to force his way through it. Catching sight of someone fleeting, the wookiee gives chase. This leads him to an exterior tunnel, and a 30’ drop into the snow. He doesn’t even pause to admire the view – Wohlsport, train tracks, and the Moff’s Palace -, Chalk just dives off after the fleeing mine foreman. He catches him of course… and remembers that outdoors he might have comlink reception. The group is alerted to his new position, and he sits tight.

Once everyone meets up, they go over their options. Everyone glosses over the exterior tunnel, evidently forgetting the point of sneaking into the camp in the first place. Whoops! They do decide, however, to sneak onto the oncoming train and use it to sneak into the Moff’s Palace to look for Haril Zense. LEO’s three speeders are all lost in the attempt, though everyone leaps onto the train in a very cinematic manner. Opting not to risk exposing themselves, everyone stays put in the engine room for the duration of the ride.


The Moff’s palace is an affluent mansion built into the side of a mountain facing the sunset with tiered decks to offer all of his visitors an exquisite view. The bottom, in vogue for Imperial fashion, is the spitting image of an impenetrable fortress studded with check points and turrets. A repulsortrack for a train bypasses most of this, heading to the bottom levels of the palace proper. Fighting your way up from the bottom would take a very dedicated, and very large, army… all of who would have to make the 120km (75mile) trek from the city.

Sneaking in, once they’ve bypassed most of the security with the train, proves… mostly effective. Chalkatta and Nima make it across with no problem, though Kharrus proves unlucky and is spotted by a wandering searchlight. Security quickly swarms to apprehend him, though he goes down fighting. Everyone watches with baited breath as the unconscious Gran is taken off to be stuffed in the same prison they’re breaking into. Of course, now it’ll be on high alert. Luckily, LEO and Lucky use the distraction to cross into the palace with the same ease as the two infiltrators.

Inside, they find the main turbolift. Nima slices schematics, and the group thinks about their options… briefly. Everyone boards the lift, and down they go!

The fight in the detention level foyer is quick and deadly. Lucky and Chalkatta make quick work of the squad of soldiers, though the detention officer proves resilient to LEO and Nima’s blaster fire: he manages to hit the alarm seconds before dying. The group springs into action:
LE-03 starts slicing the computer, identifying where the evidence lock up is and freeing the high priority prisoners – Haril Zense, Kharrus, and Gwen Wettik.
Lucky and Chalkkatta prepare to deal with the reinforcements, guarding the turbolift.
Nima runs down the hall to manually free the VIPs from their unlocked cells.

The turbolift doors open to reveal four stormtroopers and a figure in a thick black cloak – the same ominous silhouette they saw leaving the train earlier! The figure ignites two crimson lightsabers, and Lucky and Chalkkatta shit themselves. Luckily they manage to engage the emergency door codes and lock the lift before anyone gets out. Unfortunately, the lightsabers make another appearance as they stab through the door and start hacking it open.
Nima escorts Kharrus to the evidence room to retrieve his gear.
The door falls apart as molten slag, and the air is suddenly filled with blaster bolts. Everyone retreats, fleeing from the troopers and the menacingly strolling Juzu. Suddenly, Gwen is lifted from the air and goes flying back, crashing into a wall by the turbolift. LEO triumphantly notices she’s next to a hatch.
Nima spots a maintenance hatch – without hesitation she shoots it open and goes diving through. Lucky and LEO follow – Chalkkatta waits just long enough for the Inquisitor to engage before diving away, leaving Kharrus descending the evidence room ladder just in time to see a very irate, pale skinned woman waving lightsabers at him. He hesitates, choosing to fire his automatic scatter laser at her… nobody is surprised when both lightsabers bat the majority of the blaster fire away.
More surprising, is watching Kharrus get lifted off his feet and slowly compress, his throat constricting while ribs crack and his body contorts to fit into a smaller space than should be possible. After that, Chalkkatta is down the chute and loses sight of him.

The group find themselves in a maintenance tunnel, between a massive thermo-generator and a bank of turbines sucking all the excess heat away and venting it outside. Chalkkatta jams one of the fans with some debris, and everyone sneaks out after LEO retrieves passed out Gwen from further down the tunnel.

Now, everyone is on the mountainside, in the middle of the night, during a blizzard, 100 miles from the city… with two wounded VIPs and no Cowmando, and missing the three speeders LEO put his Y-Wing as collateral on.

Ord Mantell, Part I
How tree spores foiled the Iceheart

Following the rescue of Senior Advisor Setenna Hase on Ord Radama, the group finds themselves in an awkward situation: It’s been less than 24 hours, but their ships won’t be repaired for another three weeks.
Haril Zense somewhat reluctantly makes an offer:
“Since you’re going to be here anyway, we could use your help. We’re fighting a losing insurgency here, and you lot have shown yourselves at least somewhat capable… at the very least it’ll be a way to kill the time. What do you say?”
The group agrees, and the next three weeks go by with each team member off doing their own adventure.
Near the end, Zense informs them: “With all of your hard work I’m feeling confident about this. I’m heading off to visit ”/wikis/ord-mantell" class=“wiki-page-link”>Ord Mantell to pick up some mercenaries to help us out, so we can start this insurgency in earnest."

A few days after his departure, Zense calls back.

“While I was here, Rebel Command passed on a message for you. Let me see… here it is:
Republic engineers have finally had the time to take a look at the Control Chips recovered back during the Shadow Raptor incident. They’re made of fairly generic parts, and the programming isn’t difficult enough to narrow down where it came from; they could be produced on any of a thousand worlds, except for one thing – there were some Astra Tree spores in the crates they were shipped from, a plant that only grows in a dozen systems.
Republic analysts took this data and started sifting, and they discovered something interesting: The Iceheart just underwent a brief stay in dry dock at Ord Mantell, which just so happens to be one of the planets where that tree grows.
The planet is a known haven for smugglers with a minimal but growing Imperial presence; you shouldn’t have any difficulties poking around here.”

Zense signs off, and the group decides that’s a great idea. After waiting for Kharrus to finish a seventy-six hour long shopping spree, everyone departs in their newly repaired, mint scented, ships. On the way out, a Rebel comes running up and delivers a metal crate – untraceable physical currency to serve as their operational funds! 15,000 credits, by LE-03’s estimation.

As they come out of hyperspace and the streaking stars slowly return to their normal shapes, the pilots see a vast wasteland, a dense belt of debris orbiting a beautiful rose tinted planet in orbit around a serene blue star. It looks as though the planet solved all their trash problems over the last millennia by shooting it into space. Actual ship traffic looks much more localized – locked in geosynchronous orbit is a mostly completed space station in the shape of a spoked wheel, docked to which are several Imperial Patrol Craft. Despite this, there seems to be no shortage of traffic whizzing to and from that area of the planet. Once in range, the comms array lights up with directions to an open air port planetside.
Following that, the comms light up with a message from Ord Radama.
“Hey, while you’re there, can you guys check in on ”/characters/haril-zense" class=“wiki-content-link”>Haril Zense? He missed his last two check in times." They agree to do so.

Waiting in the bay is a single protocol droid standing infront of massive sealed doors and a pair on inward facing turrets. He proceeds to shake the party down for exorbitant docking and berthing fees – apparently Ord Mantell gets billions of tourists annually, and has adjusting their pricing policies to match. All three ships are sent to berthing.


The group’s first stop is The Mockingbird, a cantina just outside the space port. Chalkkatta is very impressed with the wookiee musician. Everyone else is more impressed with Ioryn Aonsuna, a Bothan waiter, who does his species proud and seems to know quite a bit. He tells the group two key things:
A spacer was arrested violently just a few blocks away, and his boss, The Black Suns’ Vigo Ioda Jallea, isn’t too happy with some military thugs muscling in on his mountain hideout, Mining Facility 343.

Since it’s close, and they need to find Zense still, the group heads over to One Eye Open Hotel to gather clues. They investigate the proprietor, a panicky Sullustan.
“He was taken, at gunpoint, by a group of stormtroopers. They kept shouting about traitor this and rebel scum that… They probably took him to the booking office. Oh! The stormtroopers? They were lead by a figure in bright red armor and robes. He was carrying this massive pike… it could barely fit through doors!”
Nervously, the group follows up on the lead to the Booking Offices, where Nima is able to discover through trickery and cunning that the spacer, who’s probably but maybe not Zense, was taken directly to the Moff’s Palace as some sort of prisoner VIP.

The group heads to The Salvation Casino, home of the local Black Suns chapter, to follow up with the Vigo. He extorts them, naturally, but does offer some more information:
-Someone’s muscling in on Mining Facility 343. They’re dressed like but not behaving like Imperials, but even so all his gang there have stopped reporting in. It’s pretty suspicious, especially when you consider that right after the Iceheart dropped off its Sentinels people started missing and Imperial presence drastically inflated… at least for a bit.
-The Moff’s wife, Luni Vanko, has been spending a lot of time in the city as of late on some sort of Imperial Hearts and Minds campaign. According to a guy who knows a guy who’s a friend, her next appearance is to congratulate the current top tier swoop racer. If anyone knows how to get in the palace, it’s surely her.

Feeling ripped off, the group wanders over to Lorde Parts And Speeder Repair to buy a swoop so they can enter Nima in the swoop races; she’s been watching a lot of racing videos apparently, and feels up to the task.
Then, it’s off to Goldilox Swoop Den to sign Nima up.
After winning the first race easily, Nima moves on to the middle leagues. She goes off blasting down the downtown streets, narrowly dodging people and making tight, breakneck turns through the pedestrian streets. By the time she reaches the narrow canyon walls her swoop is already going full tilt. She exits the canyon, barrels off the cliff… and her engine floods, as she begins plummeting towards the bay, now with no repulsor field to keep her from going splat. She manages to get the engine going, eventually, and heads back towards the race track. Mere yards from the finish line, she spots a young kid with an adorable kitten crossing the street; unfortunately, to avoid murder-pasting this kid across the sidewalk, she’s forced to turn hard, hit the brakes, and ultimately wrap her brand new swoop around a light post.
Chalkkatta, since he’s carrying the money, helpfully offers that they have now won a total of 500 credits racing, and have spent 9,500 on the swoop, 400 on racing fees, and that it will cost another 1,000 credits to fix the bike enough to do anything at all with it. Total racing profits: -10,400 credits, and no in with the Moff’s wife.

Feeling the need to let off some steam, Kharrus suggests they make the 75 mile trek into the mountains to find Mining Facility 343. After LE-03 puts his Y-Wing down as collateral for 3 speeder bikes, the group is off!
High in the mountains, they finally spot it. Chalkkatta heads up the side of the mountain with his magnoculars and brand new eyeballs to scout it out. He finds:
The facility is a sprawling complex bit into one of the mountainous ravines the planet is known for. The facility is just above snow level; the air is thick and cold, and inches of snow cover everything. A thick wall blocks both sides of the facility from all but the most determined explorers, and each gate is obviously guarded by Super Battle Droids. In the main courtyard a Sentinel-Class landing craft is crammed in, taking up most of the empty space. Two AT-STs and a herd of stormtroopers supervise the loading of dozens of miners into a single shipping container on a flatbed heavy speeder. Scattered through the many buildings are obvious piles of explosives – whatever answers lie here will soon be erased.

Onslaught at Arda I, part IV
in which the rails were deliberately and maliciously ignored

After racing back to base and learning about Narek’s connection to the planet Ord Radama the team prepares to give chase. They are met by Commander Qurno who loans them an astromech for the journey. He explains that he has input a secret route through the Jagas cluster that, while potentially dangerous, should help them close the gap between them and Narek, if not letting them arrive first. They set out and manage to arrive at Ord Radama almost without incident. They dock at the spaceport for the capital city Livien Magnus and secure repairs to their ships. They then inquire about their “Friend” who should have arrived in a Jumpmaster 5000. The stations security forces are at first reluctant to provide any information about other ships on planet, especially to such undesirables, but are eventually swayed by Lucky’s compelling financial arguments. There have been no Jumpmasters arriving in the last few days. But for a low fee they can be notified if any do come to the planet. Satisfied with this they head out to find their contact on planet, Haril Zense. But where to look? They discover that most of the new arrivals on planet head to the Scarlet Sword, a local dive. They arrive at the bar and immediately start throwing Zense’s name around. The barkeep smiles and waves over another patron who shows them into a back room where they come face to face with approximately a dozen rebels pointing blasters in their faces. “Who are you and why are you asking after Zense.” After some attempts at subtlety the names Setenna and Qurno are dropped. At this point a man in his mid forties pushes his way to the front. “I am Zense. Stay here while I confirm your identities. We can chat if you are who you say. If not…” After a couple minutes Zense returns somewhat surprised that a group of rebel heroes would start throwing around Alliance names so freely. The PCs tell Haril about the betrayal on Arda and of their mission to track down Narek and rescue Setenna. He stops them for a moment at the mention of Narek and digs through some files on his datapad. After finding what he was looking for, he tells the PCs about a bombing a few months back on the planet that had been quickly blamed on the Rebels. He also mentions that 2 members of the Narek family were listed amongst the dead and that just in the last couple days it had come to him that the bombing was likely an Imperial Intelligence plot to bring aboard a Rebel traitor. He suggests that the team might be able to infiltrate the Imperial palace to gain access to the Imperial database and thereby gain some info about who is in charge of the op and where they might be able to find Narek. He also recommends checking on a high end restaurant and club. The Narek family had many highly placed friends who would likely use that place as a hangout. It also counts many Imperial officers amongst its clientele. The PCs noted many large estates outside of town and after a bit of research Zense is able to track down clues that indicate that the Narek family did, at least at some time, have a manor but was unable to locate where. Perhaps this is also something the could obtain from a computer in the Imperial palace? The team decides to go after the Private club rather then the heavily secured Palace. Furthermore, when the get to the restaurant they decide that there is no reason why they actually have to go in themselves. They swing around back and find a server who is on break. “Hey Kid, Here is some money. Go look into your database for membership information for a friend of mine.” A few minutes later the server comes back. “Sorry guys, I was only able to get a billing address.” Now that the location of the Narek manor has been discovered they head out on a borrowed speeder. On the way they receive a call from the Spaceport officer telling them that a Jumpmaster was just given clearance to land at a manor outside of town. The shortly get a visual on this same vessel and sure enough, they seem to be heading in the same general direction. They arrive at a large plot of land by a lake. The grounds are badly overgrown and the manor house has not been maintained well. There is a Jumpmaster on the landingpad with steam still rising off of it. The ramp is down but there is no sign of Narek or his captive. The team hops the fence and approaches the building after stopping to shut down the transport to slow down Nareks potential escape. As they approach the building a blaster shot rings out and singes a bush next to the Rebels. “You should not have followed me. My friends will be here soon and then you will be captured along with Setenna.” The team advances on the building with Kharrus, Nima, and Leo going through the front door and Lucky and Chalkata climbing the outside of the building under Nareks ineffectual gunfire to go through the window. They all burst into the room at the same time to find Narek dug in behind some toppled furniture. As a short gunfight ensues, an Imperial APC arrives on scene with a large number of stormtroopers. Leo remembers that he has a life scanner from their time on Jagomir and uses it to try to find Setenna. She is a good distance away in the opposite direction from the incoming Stormtroopers. He and Nima race off to try to get to her first while the rest of the team works on subduing Narek and holding off the incoming Imps. Narek proves surprisingly difficult for the Wookie to grapple with but is eventually incapacitated while Kharrus and Lucky whittle the troopers down. With the traitor taken down, Chalkata leaps off of the second story balcony into the ranks of the now terrified troopers. The trio mops up what is left of the baddies as Leo and Nima approach the shed where Setenna was being held. But they are too late. The IIS agent Malau Jocaos got to her first and is dragging her toward a nearby swoop. Nima and Leo give chase and Just as the agent is about to speed off to the city, Leo gets off a lucky shot that temporarily disables the bike. Nima also pulls off a miracle shot hitting the bindings that hold Setenna. As Malau struggles to get the swoop moving, Leo uses that last precious seconds to channel his inner huttballer and diving tackles Setenna off of the bike just as the engines kick back on and it disappears into the night. Would they like to give chase, maybe giving them a chance to bring down the man responsible for the plat that cost the Alliance a base and countless lives? NAAAA, we are good. We got Setenna and Narek.


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